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The Book: Jainism and the New Spirituality

First published in 2002, the book received rave reviews in Toronto Star, India Abroad, Jain Spirit, Gujarat Samachar, Janmabhoomi, Divya Bhaskar and many readers. Several readers and organizations in Canada, USA, Kenya and Singapore purchased multiple copies for distribution to their friends, families and members. JAINA awarded its prestigious "Exceptional Contribution Towards the Promotion of Jainism" award at its 2003 Biennial Convention in Cincinnati. The Gujarat and Hindi translations of the book were published in 2005.
The Author: Professor Vastupal Parikh, Ph.D

Vastupal Parikh migrated to Canada in 1960, obtained his Doctorate in Chemistry and as a professor and scientist in Canada he wrote several Chemistry texts. He earned reputation as a teacher and author who could explain complex topics in a simple, easily understandable style. Dr. Parikh's interest in the modern philosophy of science and the ancient philosophies prompted him to explore various religious systems. He found an interesting blend of faith and logic in the Jain literature, which he later studied for over 25 years. Jainism and the New Spirituality is an outchome of such a study where Dr. Parikh examines Jain Principles and practices through the critical eyes of a scientist. Such critical analysis of an ancient philosophy together with Dr. Parikh's skill in lucid writing, and his perception of the emerging concepts of spirituality makes this a highly readable and interesting book.
The Gujarati Translator: Professor Purnima Dave

Professor Purnima Dave is the Head of the Philosophy Department at Parle College, and a member of the Board of Studies at the University of Bombay. She is an accomplished Gujarati author of several books and articles on both Indian and Western philosophy. Professor Dave is an active participant in the "Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha" on whose behalf she has written and produced several books, brochures, audio-visual and television programs.
The Hindi Translator: Professor Bharati Joshi

A Gold Medalist of the Nagpur University, Bharati Joshi has worked for 36 years at the Indore University, India as a professor of Hindi, Head of the Department, and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts. She is an accomplished author with formidable reputation in Hindi Drama and Radio plays.

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