What Reader's are saying ...

"Professor Parikh connects issues of ecology and global interdependence with logic and reasoning as reflected in Jain Dharma, in a lucid, clear and simple language. Dr. Parikh puts Jain Dharma among the world religions of this 21st century with its scientific and spiritual approaches for solutions."
Gurudev Chitrabhanu

"most books have not succeeded in bringing to the subject the high degree of readability, as also the extraordinarily attractive and reader friendly structure, that you have achieved."
Abhay Firodia – Chairman, Bajaj Tempo, India

"It is written in a scholarly yet approachable style well suited for the university student but valuable to anyone with an enquiring mind."
Aiden Rankin - Jain Spirit, Issue 17, Dec.2003

"…a sumptuous, 224 page exploration of an ancient and relatively little-known faith that is surprisingly relevant for the 21st century."
Ron Csillag – Toronto Star, August 2002


"While comparing this book with two recent publications, Dr. Parikh's book comes in handy for young Jains…who need a simple book to understand their faith."
Ajit Jain – India Abroad, August 23, 2002

"… logical explanations, simple language, and fascinating vision about Jainism's relevance with New Spirituality makes it easy to go on reading the book without keeping it down. Helped me in learning about Jainism and made me feel proud that I am a Jain."
Dr. Sunil Jain – a reader

"No educated person can afford to be without this book"
Dr. Ramesh Khajuria, Founder, Jain University

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