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Jainism & the New Spirituality

2nd Edition - Soft Cover
Dr. Vastupal Parikh
ISBN# 0-9689863-3-1
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This 2nd edition of Professor Parikh's popular book is now revised and expanded to add some new topics requested by our readers. This 216 page edition, illustrated with color photographs, is divided into five sections. First three sections provide an easily understandable overview of the Jain Principles and Practices for those trying to understand this ancient faith. This simple review also serves as background information for those who are concerned or active in resolving current global problems such as violence, war, terrorism, environmental degradation, poverty, globalization, and social justice. Section four reflects on the relevance of the Jain values to the 21st century

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scientific mindset with topics like New Spirituality, Nonviolence, Global Peace, Vegetarianism, Scientific Progress, Environment, and Activist Movements. Section Five explores the History of Jainism and Jain Literature. The chapter on Pre-Mahavir History rests on the author's painstaking study of ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain literature, and several archeological findings of the past thirty years. The conclusions derived from this research contradict much of the misinformation and confirms some Jain assertions of their history. The next chapter on Post-Mahavir History details the developments that resulted in schism, sects, and reform movements.

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