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BOOK TITLE: The Paradise Project

Our Planet Earth was once a Paradise . . . Then . . . humans arrived.

Now, Earth's habitants - men, women, children, animals, plants, are all stressed, even our air and water is stressed, and humanity is losing its values. Given this dire state can we do anything to improve the global quality of life? . . . A Paradise?

Yes, we can. Together we can! Dr. Parikh's New book - The Paradise Project - guides us through the steps to enable success at personal as well as at the community level. It is critical that we join this peaceful movement so that we can leave a paradise for our future generations. Can we leave our stressed planet as a burden for our children, grand children and our future generations to resolve?

This is a step by step self-help and a community-help book. Pick one up and start achieving personal internal peace and experience paradise living.

NOTE: The Paradise Project is to be released from the press in March 2018

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